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Carpet Cleaning

dust mites in carpet

What Lurks in Your Carpet

Carpets are a germ hotspot and can be 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat. "Rugs are botanical and zoological parks,"says Philip Tierno Jr., Ph.D., a microbiologist and immunologist at New York University Langone Medical Center and the author of The Secret Life of Germs.

dog urine

We love our pets! Have Pets? You NEED to read this!

They protect us, keep us company, play with us and love us. They also pee and poop, puke, bring in dirt and rub their butts on our carpets. Ewwwww! Think a regular carpet cleaning is enough to get rid of pet problems? Think again!

dirty carpet

This carpet was filthy dirty! We initially cleaned 1/2 of it to show the difference our cleaning can make. We use a 4-step process.

Step 1: We inspect the area to be cleaned and move all furniture humanly possible.

Step 2: We power rake matted sectional and vacuum all carpeted areas.

Step 3: We pre-treat the carpets for any spots, stains, and heavily soiled areas.

Step 4: We use a powerful carpet buffer and a non-residue enzyme with nanotechnology to ensure a deep cleaning process.

Our Green, Cleaning Process is great for kids, pets and people with allergies.

Watch to learn about our cleaning process:


  • Deep Penetrating Cleaning

  • No Rinsing is Required

  • Lower Moisture

  • Environmentally Friendly

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